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The Benefits of Insight

Our Insight Managed Service offering combines globally-lauded database technology with our data proficiency, services and intellectual property in a single solution that incorporates a dashboard facility for at-a-glance monitoring and management.

One entry, One dashboard, One view that highlights all your data insights.  A handful of returns in one robust solution.


Insights | Industrie 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“You must have come across the term ‘the value of data’ at least ten times in the last month,” says Wayne Borcher, COO of data specialist SSA. “But many organisations are led to believe that all data they can collect is valuable.



News | Security as a competitive advantage

Remember the times when digital theft meant someone took the watch off your wrist, and stealing your personal information was achieved by going through the old telephone book? The world has changed and stealing information – for resale or ransom – has become a very lucrative business.

White Paper


Why Africa Needs to Dance to the GDPR Tune

Just as PoPI is not limited to organisations based in South Africa – meaning that if you have information on anyone who’s a South African citizen in any of your databases, PoPI applies to you – the GDPR does the same with data from EU companies and citizens.

Download the White Paper to understand the full story, ...



SSA Academy

Our Academy will be launching soon, watch this space for our courses, schedule and process to allow you to register. Our inaugural training session starts in week 34 and we are looking forward to transferring skills to our customer base.

Company Credentials


What does it take to be SSA?

Over 27 years of experience in South Africa. More Than 90 man-years of expertise in data and digital. A management team comprising former executives of Sybase, SAP and IBM. Importantly, it takes commitment to creating strategic partnerships with clients by every member of our team.


Is your company dragging its feet on the digital journey?

According to PwC, while Industrie 4.0 is transforming manufacturing rapidly and digital transformation has been on the C-suite’s agenda for years, just a small group of companies is in a position to gain real competitive advantage from this operations revolution. Says Wayne Borcher, COO…

Businesses feel the impact of GDPR... already

With businesses already feeling a strong impact of clients flexing their new-found data privacy muscles, it’s clear that the age of collecting, using and storing data about individuals any way you can is over. This is the word from Wayne Borcher, COO of data…

Data and Your Competitive Edge

“You must have come across the term ‘the value of data’ at least ten times in the last month,” says Wayne Borcher, COO of data specialist SSA. “But many organisations are led to believe that all data they can collect is valuable. This just…

Managing the security challenges of digitalisation

Over the past few years it has become clear to businesses looking to thrive in a global economy that digital transformation is not a “nice to have” – it’s a business imperative that can ensure survival, using data that can take advantage of existing…

You are Accountable for Protecting Client Data

 “When the so-called ‘misuse’ of Facebook data by British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica came to light in March 2018, South Africans were still reeling from the ‘deeds office’ leak that affected 60-million citizens, both dead and alive, in October 2017. The real effects,…

The incredible possibilities of data

  As a company whose focus on digital transformation and managing information enables agility for speedy executive decision-making and quick wins in the digital economy, COO Wayne Borcher urges companies not to make the mistake of thinking that only large corporations will benefit from…



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