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Your Data asset is like any other asset, it must be maintained and modernised - creating value, allowing your business to pivot to suit the fast pace of change in markets and economies.



As a strategic enterprise technology provider, SSA advises a strong governance team and strategy before taking the digitisation journey. This means creating a blueprint that includes the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure your legacy data becomes usable, clean and valuable current data, through a structured process that ensures accuracy and longevity ...



With years of data stored across a variety of systems and an organisation’s divisions, data migration requires a system of bringing all this information together into a single platform and in a uniform, usable format ...


Professional Services

Producing action-based outcomes by streamlining and digitising your business operations by seamlessly integrating best-of-breed technologies and suppliers in an end-to-end enterprise solution.


Migrate Your Database

Enjoy savings when you switch your database to our solution powered by IBM DB2. Should you want to learn more follow the link below.

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