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DAIRE to trust your digital enterprise for success

DAIRE to trust your digital enterprise for success
Published: 01 February 2018

Digital transformation reduces IT complexity and fosters agility. For SSA clients, this means flexibility; the ability to pivot when necessary; future-proofing your organisation through continuous maintenance and development; democratising your data for maximum value; and creating new revenue streams with quality data.

Specialising in digital transformation data management, SSA has created strategic partnerships with leading enterprise technology providers since 1991 in South Africa, enabling them to leave cumbersome data silos behind and move into an agile business space, where data-based decision can be made on-the-fly by the appropriate personnel.

Industry forecasts suggest that digitalisation in African countries may add US$300 billion (R4 trillion) to the continent's economy by 2026, with South Africa probably seeing most of the benefits.

Demolishing the data silos

Data often sits in a variety of areas in an organisation, in silos. To integrate all data in a digital, usable format is when its true value can be unleashed and can take your business to another level of growth. However, digital transformation requires understanding how data-driven initiatives work. The benefits listed below may be your organisation’s tipping point to Digital transformation and a far more agile working platform:

  • Enhanced security - Security precautions and access restrictions on your platform ensure that cloud-based documents can be seen only by chosen users.
  • Cost cutting – Storing digitised documents in the cloud means less office space is required; remote working is feasible; and traditional spend printing, binding and storage reduced significantly. Digital transformation means clean, usable data can be maintained and updated swiftly, enabling speedy business decisions.
  • Time-saving - Documents can be captured digitally and stored in smaller storage systems in-house, or in the cloud, meaning access to this data is rapid, via smart search tools and fibre connectivity.
  • Collaboration – Teams can collaborate effortlessly by sharing documents or working on them simultaneously, any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • Compliance – Meeting legal requirements such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) and other global Acts, as well as digital proof of security and observance becomes simple and management responsibilities are met easily.

Digital transformation is the foundation of all the data generated by your own organisation and the markets and industries it serves. SSA not only leads clients through the technical process, but works with three other vital elements in the digital mix: Humans, culture and data. Contact SSA to leverage your data for ongoing, managed return on investment.