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Insight - Managed Services

More4Le$$: A Managed Service That Delivers at Every Turn

Do you recall the delight of putting a single coin into a gumball machine and getting a handful of bubblegum balls in return? Insight, our Managed Service offering, has replicated that delight for the Chief Data Officer...

From monitoring to metrics, site search to security analytics and more, no single CDO or data department can be constantly aware of every facet of the security, maintenance and updating required to protect and manage their data 24-7, all the while keeping costs down in a shrinking economy.


The Benefits of Insight

With decades of experience in industry-leading single platform data management services, we have collaborated with our technology partners to bring Insight to market at a time when flexible, cost effective and secured data management is vital for regulatory compliance as well as digital success.

Our Insight Managed Service offering combines globally-lauded database technology with our data proficiency, services and intellectual property in a single solution that incorporates a dashboard facility for at-a-glance monitoring and management.

One entry, One dashboard, One view that highlights all your data insights.  A handful of returns in one robust solution.

These benefits and are the result you get included with an optimised landscape, a fully managed service environment, the latest repackaged software versions and software bundles, a new cloud ready licensing model, cross licensing for interchangeable operating systems (such as ability to move from Sun Solaris to Windows or Linux) and lower Total Cost of Ownership. All of this at a same or similar cost as your current operational spend allowing for a cost effective and secure data management foundation for enterprise application architectures; capable of scaling to meet any information volume requirements.

With you focused on your core business and our Insight offering for your organisation, you’re assured of More4Le$$. Contact us now for a demonstration of what you can expect to see, save and succeed with your data management.

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One entry, One dashboard, One view that highlights all your data insights. A handful of returns in one robust solution.