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Insight | Managed Services


The Benefits of Insight

Our Insight Managed Service offering combines globally-lauded database technology with our data proficiency, services and intellectual property in a single solution that incorporates a dashboard facility for at-a-glance monitoring and management.

One entry, One dashboard, One view that highlights all your data insights.  A handful of returns in one robust solution.

White Paper


Why Africa Needs to Dance to the GDPR Tune

Just as PoPI is not limited to organisations based in South Africa – meaning that if you have information on anyone who’s a South African citizen in any of your databases, PoPI applies to you – the GDPR does the same with data from EU companies and citizens.

Download the White Paper to understand the full story, ...

SSA | Company Credentials


What does it take to be SSA?

Over 27 years of experience in South Africa. More Than 90 man-years of expertise in data and digital. A management team comprising former executives of Sybase, SAP and IBM. Importantly, it takes commitment to creating strategic partnerships with clients by every member of our team. SSA is dedicated to deriving value from the impact of digital transformation and information management solutions for every client. For your business, this means agility and the ability to pivot when necessary. For SSA, it means future-proofing your business through an ongoing, valuable partnership with you that creates new revenue streams through the SSA pillars that underpin your digital success

Use Cases | Data Governance


Mention data governance to many corporate executives and you might get eye rolling and a quick change of subject. Business leaders are more focused on revenue rather than meeting regulatory demands.

Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Database


How companies are managing growth, gaining insights and cutting costs in the era of big data.

Information Governance and the Cloud


Chatter about the cloud is everywhere. You can't turn on your TV, look at your smartphone, open a magazine or browse websites without being inundated with messages about the cloud. Proponents tell you the cloud will save you time, give you a place to store data, ...