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Data democratisation: Freedom to make the right decisions

Data democratisation: Freedom to make the right decisions
Published: 31 January 2018

The IT department - data scientists, analysts and tech developers – have traditionally been the gatekeepers of data, and anyone requiring that data was also required to jump through internal regulatory hoops to get access to it. This process could take anything from days to weeks – while customers waited for answers.

With the new understanding that data is the mother lode of a mine of information that can disrupt entire industries – or allow organisations to be disrupted – the time for data democratisation is now.

SSA specializes in helping organizations monetize their data and identifying potential new revenue streams using internal data. By combining the correct data from your legacy systems and creating a flexible platform from where the right people can access the data at the right time and in the correct context, data democratisation extrapolates the precise data you need to service a particular market, or gain information about that market for use as a business growth tool and serves it to the people at the coalface.

The growth of data as a business tool and analysis that shows organisations the direction they should be moving in, data can now be simplified and understood by more staff. This requires certain processes to make it accessible to the right people in a secure and speedy manner – it’s known as “data democratisation”, and it pays.

Utilising data for customer service, agile business decisions and unlocking opportunities is a game-changer for any organisation. SSA creates a blueprint that covers the processes that must be implemented to democratise data; ensure its usability; and secure it before allowing access to key users. This means mapping out all aspects, such as potential challenges, opportunities, company culture, and security. It’s this “risky business” that SSA experts will assist you with, while you focus on your core business.

Leaping the hurdles of data democratisation

In the process of data democratisation, hurdles that arise must be noted and solutions found by the appointed team to ensure a framework and ultimately data that works for your organisation. The SSA process of meeting challenges includes:

Staff buy-in: To allay fears about data integrity, management must thoroughly understand the process of modernisation (updating, cleaning); data governance (responsibility, ethics, security); data monetisation (potential opportunities); and both the challenges and value of allowing access to a large group of users. This phase explains the framework of data protection and sharing, as well as up-skilling suitable staff members for buy-in, compliance and competence.

The power of inclusivity: Demolishing data silos that only allow executives or IT personnel access to data, means empowering those who use to make on-the-fly decisions based on the clean, updated data.

The power of analytics: SSA ensures our clients have the required tools to assist in data analysis, giving your organisation the power to extrapolate the most significant pieces of data to unlock its value to expand market share and/or create new revenue streams.

The SSA blueprint to democratisation

SSA specialists will ensure your organisation’s data democratisation journey begins with the appropriate preparation; move you through a logical process; and create a dynamic platform from which data sharing is as secure as possible.

Empowering employees and outside users where appropriate to access insights from your data, the process of moving from legacy data to democratised data is revolutionary for many organisations, but continuous governance, maintenance and modernisation must be implemented to ensure only clean, legally compliant and usable data is available to them.

Big Data is a key driver of revenue around the globe, as massive amounts of data are created daily by individuals and businesses. Knowing how to streamline it and make it accessible to those who require it, the goldmine that is data can keep your business dynamic. SSA will unleash your data to encourage business growth and positive change that can revolutionise the manner in which you do business - and with whom.