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Future-proofing business in a digitised world

Future-proofing business in a digitised world
Published: 31 January 2018

Every organisation has a database of sorts; a collection of information that has been accumulated over the lifetime of the business, now known as “legacy data”. As part of the journey to digitisation, data modernisation means migrating only the information that adds value to business operations – which requires updating data to suit business and legal needs; and enabling access to this valuable resource to the appropriate people.

To compete in a digitised world and still protect customers from privacy issues; mitigate your organisation’s chance of disruption; and inform agile and quality business decisions; data modernisation is the cornerstone of future-proofing business.

SSA partners with organisations through their modernisation process to determine what data will enable them to move forward and what can be discarded to make sure your data is ready to do business in the 21st century and beyond.

Preparing your data for monetisation

The data journey to digitisation – and unlocking its value – requires the following processes:

  • Data governance
  • Data modernisation
  • Data monetisation
  • Data democratisation

These functions form the blueprint of systems that will bring the agility required to make on-the-fly management decisions possible. Modernisation requires analysing and then arranging data within the parameters set during data governance design, to create a foundation of value.

This process gives organisations an opportunity to view data from a new standpoint – that of matching growth initiatives. Data modernisation can then result in a platform that drives business imperatives by integrating current and evolving data.

Data maintenance and longevity

The longevity of your data’s value means ongoing maintenance and upgrading to shape data to fit market changes and new business innovations. With our DNA in data, SSA is able to facilitate the processes that impel data modernisation across your data’s lifecycle.

To unlock the power of our clients’ data, SSA supports the most current applications for data uniformity, dependability and usability for greatest value – which, in turn, establishes a business process your clients can trust.

Without data modernisation, there can be little to no success. Successfully merging data from silos around a business and still ensuring data quality puts a business in the “disruptor” sector, rather than the “disrupted” in a climate where companies must determine which they can still choose to be.

Preparing for modernisation

SSA provides data migration that requires specialist preparation, along with the systems and experts to ensure loss mitigation. A step-by-step blueprint of what is required will look something like this:

  1. Choose your most valuable and relevant data for decision making, monitoring and reporting
  2. Determine how your data is used now and how it must be used in the future
  3. A platform designed for agility and longevity starts with viewing existing data within the parameters of a market completely dissimilar to that which previous data served
  4. Make a list of how the data you are migrating must respond to global business while enabling the growth of new data
  5. Simplify the platform architecture for ease of use, agility and security

Creating a platform for business agility

Your organisation’s new platform must be flexible enough to be globally functional and offer agility for quick-turnaround decisions. SSA will combine software and appropriate content in a "master grid", where data is able to be saved and reused across data quality, management or migration projects.

Platform agility allows the Governance Team to manage the personnel component with simple dashboards and reporting facilities, and remote access through mobile devices for designated personnel to view and track the efficacy of data governance.

So, does your current system stand up to 21st century disruptions that may include cybercrime, impacts of social media and rapidly-evolving regulations? If this raises red flags for you, SSA is ready to get your systems ready for a new business in a new era.