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Data Monetisation: Unlocking real value of your data

Data Monetisation: Unlocking real value of your data
Published: 30 January 2018

Your organisation is aware that now is the time to unleash the potential of your data. So, how? A leader in specialist digital and data services, SSA partners with you in digital transformation and information management by implementing flexible licensing arrangements and optimised engagement models that deliver value to your specific business. Our expertise over 27 years is the key to your data journey to monetisation.

Creating measurable economic benefits from your data for growth and potential revenue sources is vital in a digitised world, where business agility meets trusted analytics. By extrapolating this bespoke data for your business, SSA partners with you on the path to monetising data from new markets, existing customers, or new customer acquisition.

SSA creates a blueprint for your data value infrastructure that includes:

  • Data governance
  • Data modernisation
  • Data democratisation
  • Digitisation
  • Data monetisation

Partnering with you in reviewing legacy data and migrating only updated and useful data to an agile and flexible platform, SSA refines “data gold” to its maximum usefulness. To see if your organisation is ready for top-dollar data, answer the following questions:

  • Is your data specific to your business sector?
  • Are there sectors that your organisation could potentially expand into?
  • Are you able to integrate data from various platforms to form a single snapshot of the data in your organisation?
  • Do you currently have the analytical capability to mine precise customer/business data?
  • Can your existing data be transformed quickly into a usable asset, like a personalised online campaign?

Optimal value will be achieved from your data when capture, analytics, access to appropriate personnel and feedback is combined in a system that enables business agility and the prompt adjustment of data when required.

Remember, data monetisation is about developing and deploying bespoke digital assets that create revenue while increasing brand visibility in your industry, so reviewing and questioning your existing data will determine whether your organisation is a consumer, aggregator or a creator. SSA will assist you in building the framework for transforming your data into a business tool.